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Sanjeev JayaRatnam

CEO/ Chief Transformational Wizard Revelations Professional Education (Pvt). Ltd

Sanjeev is a Transformational Coach, Corporate Trainer and World Champion Choral Conductor. He has been able to coach and train over 21,000 individuals from all around the world, in issues related to business, family, and careers. He has previously worked as Services Director of Microsoft, Consulting Services Director of Microsoft and a Senior Manager at Unilever.

Sunitha Mannatil

Commercial Assets Manager (IT) & Thailand Market Business Partner

Sunitha is specialized as an IT Leader, Life Coach and an Entrepreneur. She has also worked as a finance analyst at Hewlett-Packard Financial Services, and has been a major part of Diageo, in Singapore. She is the perfect coach to guide you with digital trends.

Graham Marshall

Director at INCUBE Digital Consortium(Pvt) Ltd

Actively engaged in the fields of Science, Marketing and Commercial disciplines, Graham has held many leadership positions at leading Multinational and Blue Chip Companies.- CIC Holdings, Akzo Nobel Paints Lanka Kodak, Glaxo Welcome. He is a visiting lecturer in MBA programs which deepens his passion for coaching and mentoring.

Nimalshini Perera

Head - Corporate Planning at EFL Global

Skilled in a diverse spectrum of fields such as Corporate Planning, Strategy formulation and Finance, Nimalshini is a passionate and inspiring coach who previously worked at Phoenix Industries and Bodyline Ptv. Ltd

Devapriya Perera

Leadership & Life Success Coach

Devapriya is a self leadership success coach, specialized in life coaching, executive coaching and career development coaching. With a zest to see the very best in life and help his students do the same, he has played major roles in leading companies such as Maurice Travels, Singer Sri lanka and RR Donelly.

Samadanie Kiriwandeniya

Chairperson Sanasa Development Bank

Currently serving as the Chairperson at Sana Development Bank, Samadanie has specialized in Sociology along with Community Development and International Development. She previously served in Care International Sri Lanka.

Niranjalli Wickramasinghe

Senior Manager Training & Development at AIA Sri Lanka

Niranjalli is an experienced Human Resources Development Manager with a solid history in the field of banking. She previously served at HSBC Bank, Hela Apparel Holdings and Results Coaching Systems.

Dulip Weerasinghe

Director of Human Resources at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

With prior experience in major companies such as MAS Holdings, Dialog Axiata and HSBC, Dulip is currently a lead in Human Resources at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. With strong skills in Accounting and Finance, Supplier and customer support process, Dulip values teamwork and communication above all.

Fiona David

HR Consultant

Fiona specializes in the areas of Human Resources, Counseling and corporate training along with mentoring. Being a believer of spreading her wisdom and experience in the field to the human capital she handles, Fiona has worked in many renowned firms such as CBL, MAS Holdings and Ecom Global.

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