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- “If you want to shine, stay up and count the stars while others are sleeping”


Well, look no further! ‘Business Athletes’ is a leading provider of professional corporate training programs based right here in Sri Lanka. We have a one of a kind approach to coaching for businesses around the world by offering a set of authentic and effective services.

We possess an  extensive portfolio of successful programs, from team building to public speaking, has made us the leader in the corporate speech arena. Our coaching services can give you the right edge you need to generate new insights and improve your business, or enrich you with the best set of skills required to achieve the success you’re striving for.

Let us help you lift your performance to the next level with our bespoke services.


First impressions are crucial in business; it could make or break a deal. If you want to stand out and make a statement in your industry, we’ve got you covered. Business Athletes offers a wide range of training services for you to choose from, on a flexible, contracted or ad hoc basis.


Whether it's providing coaching across an entire spectrum of management professionals or sitting down with you for a one-on-one session, we offer support in a professional yet relaxed manner, to help you achieve the best possible results at your own pace. We at Business Athletes always put practicality first, minus the formalities and trimmings.


A well strategized workforce is a huge asset and a competitive advantage for any company, be it large or small. Companies invest a lot of time, funds and effort in the strategy training of their employees but fail to see the results they expect; strategy often fails to reach the key people it was intended to. Strategy training is a process, and Business Athletes will be right beside you to ensure that this training is done right, and delivered right.


Your audience may be a variety of cultures. It is what makes the world colorful. The right use of language is the key to relate to your audience at a closer level. We will help you maneuver factors such as cultural diversity by helping you put yourselves in your audience’s shoes, to get through to them.


Despiste the acclaimed importance of leadership within business organizations, leadership development is often and still treated as “organizational silos”. We strongly believe in the need for resilient, versatile and all rounded leaders to navigate an organization to bring out the best in itself. Such leaders are created, not born. Therefore we offer the right guidance, and talent grooming to bring out the crème de la crème of your business.


The Business Athletes’ team has decades of experience in supporting business leaders to nurture their organization’s culture ; creating bespoke solutions that reflect ambitions, values and aspirations of your business. We help people realize that culture is simply ‘the way we do things around here’. It is vital for any business to function at its fullest potential and discover itself.
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Outdated Education System, Key Reason For A Failed Economy

Outdated Education System, Key Reason For A Failed Economy By Ruvini Jayasinghe | July 7, 2022 Education is key to the economic development and prosperity

Finding Nemo: The Executive Challenge

“I know what to do.”– Five simple words that could be used to twist an entire situation. The animated movie ‘Finding Nemo’ was a blockbuster experience indeed, however when I decided to watch  this with my daughter, little did I know that I would be privy to one of the greatest corporate lessons ever taught. Simple yet so crucial.

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"Those with fixed mind and thought sets are the ones who would struggle to progress"


Bradley is an excellent C-level executive coach who blends his coaching expertise and his practical leadership experience in his coaching practice. His methods are truly remarkable and the best part is he makes you yourself come up with all the solutions in a very empowering way . I chose him as a coach at a tough patch in my career and he has coached me through it very effectively. He is a coach with very high ethical and professional standards and a very humane empathetic approach . He helps you really discover your potential, purpose in a very wholistic way . Thank you Bradley I am truly grateful for your coaching

Ashani Jayasinghe CEO GIS Solutions

Awaken, by Bradley Emerson, is a powerful personal development program that takes individuals on a journey of self-discovery and internal reflection. With Bradley's vast experience as a corporate leader, mentor, and coach, learners gain a heightened sense of self-awareness and practical tools to overcome limiting patterns. They cultivate meaningful relationships, establish healthier habits, and tap into their inner wisdom to make more informed decisions. Awaken empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve a higher level of productivity and performance in all areas of life.

Dilini Jayasuriya Director Breakthrough

Through Awaken, individuals embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery that inspires them to identify and prioritize their life goals. With a focus on corporate executives, this program ignites their drive and fosters personal and professional success. By encouraging individuals to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their aspirations, Awaken equips them with the tools and strategies to achieve their goals and reach new heights of productivity and fulfillment.

Mrs. Chiranthi Cooray CTO HNB Bank

Awaken is an exceptional program that empowers individuals to uncover their true selves and reignite their passion for achieving both personal and professional goals. By guiding learners on a journey of self-discovery and introspection, Awaken enables them to gain a deeper understanding of their unique strengths and challenges. With this newfound self-awareness, individuals are able to cultivate a sense of purpose and direction, and become more driven and focused in their pursuit of success. Awaken is a powerful tool for those seeking to unlock their full potential and live a fulfilling life.

Ravi Edirisinghe Director GAC Group

My session with Bradley exceeded all expectations. Initially, I was hesitant, assuming it would be a typical dry lecture. However, within just fifteen minutes, I was pleasantly surprised to discover his communication skills were exceptional, intuitive, and thought-provoking. The conversation uncovered countless opportunities for personal and professional leadership development. Bradley's insightful guidance and expertise make his program an invaluable resource for those seeking to achieve success and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

Fahmida Bulatsinhala Group Head - Comfort World

In a world where everyone is in transition, it's important to have a coach who can guide you through the unknown. This year, I finally found clarity about my goals but lacked the confidence to achieve them. Bradley helped me to identify my obstacles and provided me with tools to overcome them. The true value of Bradley's coaching is his honesty, neutrality, and ability to act as a sounding board for my thoughts and ideas. His guidance and support have been invaluable on my journey towards personal and professional growth.

Manjula Kamath Senior Executive - Surfactants LTD




    It was around late 2015 when I had just completed my tenure with CIMA as the Regional Director, a long time banking client now a Buddhist monk Ven. Metta Viahri who runs a TV channel called Learn TV totally dedicated to education requested me to use his channel to impart my experience based knowledge that help me in my career. Read More Here…

    By Bradley Emerson

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