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Business Athletes is formed to help individuals discover their potential to enhance their corporate athleticism. Companies world over are judged by the people it keeps, and competitive and progressive companies, will seek to hire, retain and develop not just qualified business executives, but competent “Business Athletes”

Future of business is digitally divided and in such Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA World) situations what is needed is visionaries, understanding, competency and agility. This is who athletes are. Purpose of Business Athletes is to help young talent to come out of the corporate cocoon and unleash their athletic capabilities in business – trained to run.

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Awaken by Bradley Emerson is a soul searching personal development programme through internal reflection. With his vast experience as a corporate leader, mentor and coach, Bradley navigates learners through a journey of self discovery to achieve greater self awareness which leads to higher productivity and performance.

Dilini Jayasuriya Director Breakthrough

"Awaken" takes you on a soul searching journey and helps corporate executives to prioritize their life goals. This in turn will ignite their drive and contribute towards personal and corporate success.

Mrs. Chiranthi Cooray CTO HNB Bank

“Awaken” is a perfect program that helps you discover your true self, while fuelling your passion to win both your personal and professional goals.

Ravi Edirisinghe Director GAC Group

"When I enrolled for the session with Bradley, I was under a preconceived mindset that it is going to be interactions and tons of theory as the usual drill. Within just fifteen minutes I was able to realise that his communication skills were compelling, intuitive and most certainly enlightening. The session I had with Bradley unveiled many paths of opportunities in terms of leadership, both professional and personal.

Fahmida Bulatsinhala Group Head - Comfort World

"I think all of us are in transition worldwide, some are more obvious than others. This year I have undergone a phase for first time where I know what I want and how am I suppose to get there, but was very skeptical of achieving it. Bradley engaged with me to discuss in depth and for me to locate the unknown fore holding me back. But perhaps the real benefits of having Bradley as a coach is he is frank, neutral and he can be your conscience.

Manjula Kamath Senior Executive - Surfactants LTD

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